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Canty Bay History

Canty Bay House is believed to date from circa 1900 when it was run as a hotel by the Kirkpatrick family.

Canty Bay is a former fishing hamlet immortalised by William McGonagal in his poem Beautiful North Berwick and its surroundings. The Canty Bay Inn offered hospitality to the many tourists who came to see the Bass Rock. The tenant of the Rock was usually also the innkeeper

Tantallon Castle is a mid-14th-century fortress. The last medieval curtain wall castle to be constructed in Scotland, Tantallon comprises a single wall blocking off the headland, with the other three sides naturally protected by sea cliffs. Tantallon was built in the mid 14th century by William Douglas, First Earl of Doulas. It was passed to his illegitimate son, later created Earl of Angus, and despite several sieges, it remained the property of his descendants for much of its history. It was besieged by King James IV in 1491, and again by his successor James V in 1528, when extensive damage was done. Tantallon saw action in the First Bishop’s War in 1639, and again during Oliver Cromwell’s invasion of Scotland in 1651, when it was once more severely damaged. It was sold by the Douglases in 1699, and the ruin is today in the care of Historic Scotland.

The Bass Rock is a steep-sided volcanic rock, 107 metres (351 ft) at its highest point, and is home to a large colony of gannets. It is currently uninhabited, but historically was settled by an early Christian hermit, and later was the site of an important castle, which was, after the Commonwealth, used as a prison. The island was in the ownership of the Lauder family for almost six centuries, and now belongs to Sir Hew Fleetwood Hamilton-Dalrymple. The lighthouse was constructed in 1902, and the remains of a chapel are located there. The Bass Rock features in numerous works of fiction, including Robert Louis Stephenson’s Catriona and The Lion is Rampant by contemporary Scottish novelist Ross Laidlaw.